The Scarlet Thread
of Julie Solheim-Roe

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Unorthodox approaches to corporate cultures, projects and futuristic services.  That's what I'm about.

An artist, writer, launcher, galvanizer, catalyst, organizer, communicator, linker, teacher, researcher, speaker, ceremonialist. 

A creatrix: a mother, weaver, thinker, dreamer, imaginer... in search and experience of the great Mystere'.

In mainstream roles, I have always been described as a 'can-do' personality and innovative solver. I had my beginning at Nordstroms department stores when I was 16 years old.  A corporate culture based on putting the customer first, and believing that on a scale from 1 to 10, an 11 is required to create a loyal customer base. I always believed that was true, and have been forever aghast that anything less than that is offered in the world of 'service'. Don't hide behind policy! Get your head out of the box! Don't go from A to B and then A to C.  I've come to realize some people call that sort of whole-brained, systems thinking, rather futuristic. I don't. Utilizing our deeper, smarter 'Minds', really, I think -- would solve most major perceptions of problemsin our cultures, organizations, businesses, and institutions.  

I make my living as a e-marketing coordiantor and consultant for various sites. I have an eclectic background in various aspects of marketing, professional organization, sales, import/export, and public relations. I have developed unusual big-picture skills along the way.  

I also am an entrepreneur with several irons in the fire. I prefer to work with my partner Flemming Funch on software projects for collaboration and knowledge sharing. Basically my goals are as lofty as:  How the 'global brain' can truly emerge from cells, circles, communities, collaborations, and creative networks can share and know, to the 8th degree -- infinitely!

Simultaneously I have been a very serious student and teacher -- (for what we learn, we teach) -- of various fields of the spiritual movement and I have developed my own unique approach to living the mystic life, blending ideas behind a wide variety of subjects such as alchemy, feminism and the ancient metaphysical sciences from Egypt and what I would consider 'the mystery schools'.  I also am a lay student to Jungian and depth psychology, and have been involved with the Inner Child and human potential movement.  

In the late 90s in Los Angeles, I developed experiential workshops and ceremonies based on these studies coupled with my own direct revelations. Many of my peers found I had a talent for expressing my spiritual journey along with some rather intense real life experiences. I was quite 'out there' in this capacity for several years and I attracted fans, mentors and professional editors who recognized my potential to 'touch the masses' with my authentic and bizarrely poetic and sometimes perhaps, cognitive 'voice'. This communication gift can often be used to convey the integrity and vision behind many projects, and has led to attracting a large network of supporters in the alternative, spiritual and new-paradigm communities over the years.

I am currently living the life of an American transplant in Glastonbury, England, with my partner Emmanuel and my beautiful 3 year old Chantal. My roots and 'home away from home' are in Portland, Oregon in an idealic American setting and suburb.  

Although the UK has been my base for 5 years and the experiences from living on this sacred landscape have been about inner Underworld/ birth/ raw powers and subtle forces; whereas, in LA I was very 'out' -- a self-initiated Priestess and writer, embodying the strange ability to walk between many diverse worlds. After a total crescendo of experience, I sent myself on sabbatical to the mythical isle of Avalon to finish a book dealing with my 'work' about the western archetypical memes of the banished faerie queen and the shunned scarlet woman... entitled The Scarlet Threadno less!

Now that Flemming has moved to France, we are excited to finding new, simpler and more sophistocated ways of working together -- making things happen with ease and organic initiative. We hope to match our Cr8-ive OrgSpace modules to what is needed and wanted in this vastly-changing landscape.

In projects, I am a key communicating, catalystic and gluing agent. Recently we're finding a new level of 'magic happening' just like our days as Synchronicity Networks in LA... we believed that if you create the right alchemical ingredients of people, ideas and rescources... magic indeed does  happen. That 'X Factor' talked about in the 'just do it' culture -- though we're talking, with ethos and integrity. Transformation from the inside out. The true livingness of one's truth, dream or quest. Finding the right combination of wisdom, experience, attitude and beauty... and finding the perfect magical combinations for all needs.  

Today, marketing shouldn't be about selling;  it's about attracting and organising an idea, that is needed wanted and valued for what it is. Not what it pretends to be. I like to 'story-board' and create a living template for something that is alive and refreshing. What'sreal.

As Flemming said: 'I am interested also in 'pursuing an assortment of interests related to how we might all share a world that is more open and free and alive than the present one.... inquiring into the principles needed as a basis for a more self-organizing and synergetic society. In that sense I'm a futurist and a visionary, or more modestly, I'm somebody who is looking for answers to some big questions, and who writes a lot about the search.' 

How do we create forums where everyone's contribution is felt, calculated and assimulated? How can new models of social structures and more radical approaches get picked up where paper pushing, product pushing and apathy have killed the vision? I believe I know. I don't know until I help you look at it -- but somehow I feel, we intrinsicly do know... and I 'hold space' for such solutions.

We are living in perilous times, but also there are indicators all around us that in fact, a hook-up to the authentic is transpiring. Through the blood and tears and sweat and bones...  of us all. I firmly believe that an open and vulnerable heart is called for. Courage and true heroism is the antithesis of anti-terrorist propaganda and scare tactics.  

We must re-member, call forth, and return to an ancient-future 'reality' beyond the matrix of fear and hysteria. When we are centred in love, beauty and all that is true, wise and beyond all our pettiness... something indeed is happening that we are a part of. It is alive! And this is our hope. This energy can actually change -- well, everything.

"The Beautiful stirs passion and urgency in us and calls us forth from aloneness into the warmth and wonder of some eternal embrace.  It unites us again with the neglected and forgotten grandeur of life; for in some instinctive way we know that beauty is no stranger.  We respond with delight to the call of beauty because in an instant it can awaken under the layers of the heart some forgotten brightness. "
- John O'Donohue, from divine beauty/ The Invisible Embrace

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